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Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
the country leaving thousands of people without power, stranded at airports. snow and ice in taxes causing a rooms to collapse leading to dozens of accidents. residents in montana worried farmers innches california have already lost crops because of the deep freeze. the dca storma -- already preparing. on sunday morning, the city plans to deploy more than 200 snowplows. track thisted as we winter storm. we will post updates to our social media pages and be sure watchnload our weather application. doug has another check coming up in just a few minutes. sayouth africa preparing to farewell to nelson mandela. the white house announcing that president obama and michelle obama will travel there next week to attend the memorial. >> on sunday, they will mark a national day of prayer and reflection. his memorial service will be held tuesday in johannesburg. tonight, we are hearing from the former u.s. ambassador south africa. south special memories of africa. >> kimberly suiters is live at the embassy with more. >> all day, people have been braving the elements to the tributes here to the statue o
Dec 8, 2013 10:00am EST
that is called mandatory spending. keep the budget caps in place. not raise taxes. which is important in the weak economy. and actually avoid a government shutdown. i'm hopeful by the end of the week we can come together and achieve it. >> one of the sticking points, the extension of the unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. senator durbin, nancy pelosi saying there is no deal without having those benefits extended. are the democrats united on that? no extension, no deal? >> i don't think we have reached the point where we have said this is it, take it or leaf it. i spoke to patty murray the other night. negotiations are moving in the right direction. making progress. they haven't closed the deal. but i certainly hope as part of it, the negotiators will take to heart what the president had to say. there are working families across america that are struggling. there are unemployed families that need a helping hand. we have to protect and preserve the safety net in america and give these working families a fighting chance. >> can the republicans live with that? can you get an extensio
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
learned that investigators confiscated cell phones to see if there were tax or phone calls around the time of the crash. they're trying to piece together why this deadly accident happened. >> ntsb spent the day going over and -- going over every detail and they examined data from the black box recorders. they went too fast. train was traveling at 82 miles an hour. it went into a 30 mile an hour curve. they were training to go around that curve. train derailed in the bronx near the grand central station. several cars jumped tracks and dozens of others were injured. >> this is a train crash and this is happening. >> this is the first deadly crash in the line of possis three. human error but, investigators do not know. i want answers. >> if we ask the people on the train and the families, they say it could be a lot better. >> the engineer told the investigators that he hit the brakes but the train did not stop. that investigation continues. center,the satellite abc seven >> a rockville teacher has the second degree assault. he pled guilty and faces three years probation. he improperly touched
Dec 3, 2013 12:35am EST
. >> why are my tax dollars keeping her alive. >> she was perhaps the most reviled woman in south texas, nicknamed the half on the killer. >> why isn't she in jail? >> charged with murdering her tiny nephew by falling on the 2-year-old. >> myra is stating that she lost her balance and that she actually landed on the child, crushing his head. >> her capital murder trial would be nothing short of a freak show. a defendant so big she had to be cut out of her house and transported in a moving van. and it cost so much to move her, her attorney even measured the courtroom -- >> the width is 130. >> and went shopping for a king sized mattress. >> we need to buy a mattress that will support over 1,000 pounds. >> so she could live in a courtroom while a jury decided if she lived or died. myra admitted she child but claimed it was an accident. >> we knew that myra was not being truthful. >> and suspected she was covering for someone. >> i tried to protect my sister. i was already dying. i was going to get capital murder charges. >> the death penalty. >> they were like doing me a favor. >> myra li
Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm EST
see and it is hard to get the vote to increase taxes to pay for things they do not see. >> we need to fix it so this does not keep happening. >> that is certainly the idea but sometimes that funding is easier said than done. speaking with arlington, they say they're doing all they can to edify -- identify problem i types and fix them before potential burst. the professor we spoke with said despite these problems that we see now and again, local governments in the d.c. region are doing a lot better with infrastructure that in many parts of the country. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> the weather certainly has an effect on many of these water main breaks around here. >> we have experienced extreme cold and we will see what is ahead for this week. doug hill in the weather center with a look at the forecast. >> this kind of weather you do not want to hear about with regard to that. it will be very warm for a couple of days and get very cold again. right now we are at 52. let's take a look at our live the rivermera across at reagan national. 54 in college park in arlington. 52 in frederic
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
with health care increases, regulatory increases, and raising taxes. when you add the minimum wage increase on top, small businesses feel like they are hit from all sides. >> in arlington, workers staged a protest in the restaurant, hoping they will have an impact on the debate over the minimum wage hike. national restaurant association says today's protests were engineered by national labor groups. senate majority leader harry reid promises a vote on the minimum wage issue before the end of the year. live in arlington, suzanne >> a father is furious with the fairfax county school system after he says that his six-year- old daughter was sexually assaulted on her school bus. >> horace holmes has the story. old.e is only six years imagine a six-year-old trying to fight off a 10-year-old. e father the singl of two young children, trying to protect his little daughter. a little over a week ago, he met his little girl and she got off her school bus near her home. that is when she told him a horrifying story. >> he put his hands inside of my pants and touched me in my private area. >> school patr
Dec 2, 2013 2:30am EST
the first time. that is more like it. how are you with taxes? [ laughs ] [ counselor ] and for even more cleaning power, try cascade platinum. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >>> all right, everybody. it is "mix" time. talk about christmas cheer followed by ba humbug. this is on black friday in the mall of america. guy goes to the fourth floor fal balcony while a choir below is singing let it snow and throws $1,000 off the balcony. >> wow. >> people at the mall didn't mind and apparently witnesses say the choir sang even more intense and with gusto. but the mall and the police weren't so excited. apparently 29-year-old minnesota man sergei of apple valley was cited for disorderly conduct by the police >> that's not very cool. >> he was ordered not to go back to the mall. they said it is the first time anyone has done something like that and could have caused a serious situation. any way he was basically motivated by the christmas spirit to give away his $1,000. >> police need to lighten up sometimes. >>
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7